14 Days Itinerary

Embark on a 14-day camping adventure across Tasmania’s diverse landscapes with Join Explora car & camping gear rental. Join us on a journey that blends coastal beauty, majestic mountains, and untouched wilderness. With expert planning and top-notch gear, let us guide you through a captivating exploration of Tasmania’s natural wonders.

Day 1: Arrival in Hobart and Urban Exploration

-Arrive in Hobart and set up camp for the night.

-Immerse yourself in the lively Salamanca Market (Saturdays only)

-Wander through Battery Point's historic streets and architecture.

Day 2: Freycinet National Park Coastal Charm

-Drive to Freycinet National Park and camp at the campground.

-Conquer the renowned Wineglass Bay hike.

-Marvel at the stunning coastal landscapes.

Day 3: Exploring Freycinet's Treasures

- Hike to the summit of Mount Amos.

-Discover hidden gems like Honeymoon Bay and Sleepy Bay.

Day 4: Bay of Fires and Pristine Beaches

-Travel north to the iconic Bay of Fires.

-Set up camp by the beach and relax.

Day 5: Coastal Discovery at Bay of Fires and Blue Lake

-Explore the captivating coastal paths of Bay of Fires.

-Head to the amazingly beautiful Little Blue Lake. 

Day 6: Launceston's Natural Beauty

-Visit Launceston and his attractions.

-Experience Cataract Gorge.

-Camp nearby the city.

Day 7: Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair Wilderness

-Head to Cradle Mountain (Please check weather conditions priorly https://parks.tas.gov.au/explore-our-parks/cradle-mountain)

-Visit the Dove Lake at the national park

-Camp in the national park.

Day 8: Uncover Cradle Mountain's Charms

-Explore more of Cradle Mountain's attractions, like Marion’s lookout hike and the Lake St. Clair.

Day 9: Coastal Retreat in Strahan

-Head to Strahan 

-Explore the coastal beauty of Strahan

-Take the Gordon River cruise

-The West Coast Wilderness Railway

Day 10: Cockle Creek, Southwest National Park Adventure

-Venture into the End of the road and gateway to the Southwest National Park, Cockle Creek

-Camp at Cockle Creek

Day 11: Hastings Caves and Thermal Springs

-Head to the magical dolomite cave and thermal springs (It is recommended that you arrive at the Hastings Visitor Centre 45 minutes prior to your chosen tour to purchase your tickets)

Day 12: Trip to Bruny Island

-Drive to Kettering for taking the ferry to Bruny Island.

-Explore the island's natural beauty, stunning coastline, and perhaps indulge in local seafood

-Camp at The Neck or Cloudy Bay Beach 

Day 13: Return to Hobart

-Return to Hobart, explore the waterfront

-Visit the amazing and world known MONA museum (Please check opening times priorly)

-Camp nearby.

Day 14: Farewell, Tasmania

-Return to Hobart, pack up and farewell. 

Important Note

This itinerary is a recommendation intended to guide your travels. We advise you to stay informed about current weather conditions and adjust your plans accordingly, with a priority on following the sun and avoiding rain. Your safety and enjoyment are our top priorities. Happy travels!

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